My first “Installation”

In this case my first photographic installation is an actual verb, rather than noun:)   This is a client purchase of a 24×20 padded floating then wrap surrounded by 11.5×11.5 of the same type.  I really like this, because through consultation with a professional this client was able to turn what was a pretty boring collection of past mug shots into a contemporary statement of her family.  Up to this point here portrait experience had been with the box store brands, and she never knew that products like this exist.

Sure, she paid a lot for it.  Sure, every time she looks at it she is going to love it; and so will all her friends.  Helping a client to make a great portrait more than just itself is wonderful!

Steve Seamans Photography_ TTimelessinstall

Something different for the winter

My wife grew up north of Montreal.   For what reason they had a family portrait done in the dead of winter in the snowy woods.   I love this portrait, and the whole concept.  Of course it is about as un-PC as they come.  They are all wearing fur and skin coats, mittens, and boots.

With my luck I would probably get blood thrown on my by the first person I showed it to, but I don’t care.  I really can’t imagine the portrait, in that setting, being done any other way and coming off as authentic.

I’m on a mission this winter:)

Digital picture frames – junk or jewel?

5 years ago I bought my wife a digital picture frame for Christmas. It was our son’s first Christmas and I thought it would a great complement to the camera I’d also bought. Without denigrating into the ignorance of the male mind when it comes to the lack of woman’s excitement in most electronic devices, suffice to say she thought it was “nice”.
Back then they were new, and honestly they were only “nice”. Most were junky with internal capacities that held essentially nothing, and thumb drives weren’t what they are today.
I faithfully added more photos to more thumb drives over the years than I can remember. Starting 1 gigabyte thumb, then transferring all and then some to a 2 gigabyte, and on and on. Today there is an 8 GB thumb drive in it. As a photographer, you’d be right to guess there are thousands of photos on it. It constantly shuffles photos of all my children’s milestones and goofy faces, all the places both mom and I have been in our younger days, all of the places our family has gone; Grandmas, Grampas, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins…you name it, everybody and everything is in there.
To me this silly little 5×7 gizmo, sitting just at the left corner of our giant TV, is probably the best electronic device we have in the house. Granted, need the computer to feed it, the TV and whatever makes the cars start is nice too:) This campy, crappy little piece of archaic technology does transcends itself. it keeps our history of us as a family, and the individuals who make up our family alive. Ok, that’s a pretty big claim; but we see ourselves and everyone we know and have known on it everyday. We talk about the events, memories, people and feeling all the time. Our 5 year old is constantly asking about pictures he sees , prompting stories and learning about our families pasts, his relatives (none live near) and seeing himself is always a big plus.
I’m sure this thing is going to croak soon, and I don’t know if they even sell them anymore. If not, too bad. I’ll keep that thumb drive in a safe place in case they come back into vogue.

WTH are you talking about?

I, like practically every living organism on the planet, am on Face Book.  I maintain 2 profiles and a business page there (

I am pretty easy going about everyone’s privilege to self express there, but there are a few things beyond the “twitter-esk” what I am eat, doing, thinking, thinking about doing, thinking about thinking, doing about thinking – ad nauseum.

The pleading/leading statement is the worst.  You know what I mean, the kind that has no real subject, and is constructed to lead people to ask, Well, what”?

It is the kind of statement, that if said out loud in a crowd would either illicit “shut up”, or “WTH are you talking about”?

On the other hand, they do provide a sort of filter about people I would never really get along with in person:)